We can all agree that there’s nothing quite like exploring a foreign town or city on a bicycle. Gliding down empty backstreets, crossing a bustling plaza, pulling over by a quirky café to check the map with the smell of coffee in your nostrils and discovery in your sights; it can be pretty amazing.

What do you do though, when the picturesque European town beneath your wheels seeks to stymie your exploration? When the beautiful geography of the land thwarts you in the most powerfully frustrating way it can: with a steep uphill incline?
Thankfully, Norway has found a solution to this very problem, with Trondheim, the cycling capital of Norway, leading the way in ridding the world’s cyclists of this terrible blight. Behold, the CycloCable!

Essentially a 130-meter escalator, the CycloCable utilises an angled platform to gently push users up the hill. Because you only need to rest one foot on the step, the CycloCable can be used to help push prams, scooters, skateboards and any other unpowered, wheeled instrument up the bank.

Originally known as the Trampe, the ingenious invention has been helping the citizens of Trondheim reach the top of the Brubakken Hill in comfort and style since 1993.
It’s been gaining attention recently thanks to the more universal-sounding rebrand and personally we can’t wait until it becomes a common addition to the world’s hilly areas!
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