After millions of years it seems like the impossible has finally been done; someone has reinvented the wheel. Well the bike wheel, to be precise.
You’d be forgiven for thinking that attempting to change upon age-old mixture of spokes, rubber and tubing would be a futile task, but the team at Superpedestrian have really outdone themselves with their invention, the Copenhagen Wheel.
Essentially a wheel with a big red disk at it’s centre, the Copenhagen Wheel comes packed with a generator and sensors to put more power behind your pedals.
What does that mean? Well, the wheel attaches to your bike frame as a whole unit but isn’t fully motorised, instead it analyses your pedalling to provide a more natural boost of up to 10x your pedal power, making cross-city commuting and even steep inclines as easy as a quick ride to the

This works by analysing your movements, with the wheel sensing how hard you’re pedalling and increasing the assistance it provides accordingly. Conversely the wheel can power itself by capturing energy from braking.

Because the Copenhagen Wheel is a smart product of the 21st century there is also an app to go with it, allowing you to track your fitness and distance, adjust the ride style of the wheel and customise just how much power assistance the wheel provides.

You can also use the app to lock the wheel and secure your bicycle, but with a strikingly recognisable design and a retail price of $949, it’s probably just going to encourage thieves to detach the back wheel and leave you with a unicycle.

The Copenhagen Wheel is available now for pre-order and is due to start shipping in the spring. We’d keep an eye on this one.

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