It’s arguable that the biggest issue facing cyclists is still the safety risk posed by motorists. Worse than saddle-sore, worse than unflattering spandex, the need to be aware and think two steps ahead of fellow, better protected, road users is a constant worry.

Thankfully, the latest surge in new motoring technology is making cyclist and motorcyclist safety a priority, with Jaguar Land Rover’s Bike Sense technology leading the charge.
Using sensors placed outside the vehicle, Bike Sense detects other road users before discerning whether or not they’re a bike or motorcycle.
So far, so standard proximity alarm. What really makes Bike Sense stand out however is how it uses sound, touch and light to alert drivers to the presence of us two wheelers. Firstly there’s a directional alarm to warn drivers of the approaching cyclists, sounding a bicycle bell or horn noise depending on whether it’s a bicycle or a motorbike, with the driver’s seat giving a tap on the shoulder should the car think they are about to pass by, prompting the driver to then visually identify any potential hazard.
On top of that, an LED light system on the on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars will also flash amber and then red as a cyclist nears, with he movement of the lights being dictated by the bike’s speed and direction of travel.
It all sounds pretty amazing really, and we can’t wait until it’s rolled out. With any luck it won’t be long until other manufacturers launch their own versions and cyclists and drivers can use the roads in harmony. Until that time, best make sure you take extra care and have a working bell.

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