Fitness technology is a wonderful thing. Not only will it let you keep an eye on how many miles you’ve covered, how many calories you’ve burned pumping the peddles and what your heart-rate looks like at any given time. It also lets you put your friends on Facebook and Twitter to shame by smugly posting your mileage online for all to see.
Now though, police forces are warning that it’s not just disgruntled school friends, distant cousins and co-workers who can see your exercise info, with apps being blamed for an increase in burglaries,
Apparently, according to Humberside Police, expensive bikes in particular are being taken from homes after cyclists openly post the start and end points of their route online without ensuring they have suitable privacy settings.
In real terms, this means that addresses with expensive bikes are being posted onto Facebook, with users operating publicly being at particular risk.
Bike theft in Humberside has increased by a staggering 15% between September 2013 and September 2014 and, whilst Humberside Police do not collect data showing the exact reasons how and why burglaries have occurred, cycling shop owners in the region have plenty of anecdotes from customers citing insecure apps as a key issue.
It should also go without saying that the police are advising that if you do have even one expensive bike on your property, fitness app user or not, that you really should spring for a good quality lock to secure it to something sturdy indoors.
After all, what’s the point in spending thousands of pounds on a top quality bicycle only to lose it thanks to a cheap lock?
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