Swim Analysis

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect different results

We offer a unique swim analysis program using an endless pool facility. Swimming in triathlon/ open water is very different to swimming in the pool (link to open water swim article) and as such technique should be different. At TRI we work on developing a highly effective open water swim stroke that is easy to learn and will shed minutes off your swim times having you leaving the water fresher and ready to attach the rest of the race.

Before & after footage showing the improvement in a 1 hour session 

Pool Session

In the first session, we start with getting you in the water to analyse your technique and offer instruction to change stroke to open water technique. During this session you will see yourself swimming on wide screen TV between drills to aid in the development process.


Post Session Analysis

Following the session you will receive a video file of your swimming as well as drills performed by members of our elite team so you can see how it should be done! Video files will also be available to put on iPhone, etc, so you can view the video at the pool before/ during training for constant reinforcement!


Follow up

Following the initial analysis it is usually good to get back in the pool with us to get some more video analysis, we can check your stroke, see how the improvements are coming along and make further changes as necessary!


Contact us for more information on booking swim analysis sessions.