Sports Coaching Overview

Coaching Programmes

At TRI we have experience in coaching at ALL levels of triathlon. The key factor in our plans is YOU. We have experience of working with elite athletes of the highest level and can provide elite coaching. However, elite programs are no good if you can’t live the life of an elite athlete.

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect different results

If you (like most of us) have work and family commitments, we know exactly how this can effect training routine. We have 2 coaches achieving a high level of age group Ironman racing (top 35 overall finishes) who have young families and work so they are very familiar with the time constraints on training.

We have 2 levels of coaching: Consultation coaching and monthly coaching program. The key difference between the two is the amount of personal interaction, flexibility and adaptation of the program available. More info….

Swim Analysis

Ever wondered what your swim stroke really looks like? Believe us, it’s quite a suprise when you actually see it. Using an Endless Pool and Sharkeye under water camera, we can analyse your swim technique and provide video analysis. The Endless Pool also provides real-time feedback using the under water mirrors, so you can make corrections as you swim and ensure every stroke is exactly as it should. More info….

Sports Therapy

Connect sports therapist, Phil Smith is also a member of our team as well as being BTF level 2 coach, so he knows exactly how athletes think. This gives Phil a clearer understanding of what athletes need and that complete rest is not always an option. More info….

Corporate Coaching

One of the services offered by TRI is the Corporate Challenge Coaching package. This package includes everything you need to get through an Ironman with a smile on your face (well almost). From regular contact with your coach/mentor, to strength and conditioning coaching, nutrition products, clothing, and equipment eveything is included within this package. More info….

The Coaching Team

TRI’s coaching team is headed up by  Alun Woodward who is a full time pro triathlete and coach. Alun has produced great results and helped many athletes realise their personal ambitions within sport. Working along side Alun are team coaches Phil Gray, John Barker, Phil Smith, John Davies, Martin Ormston. More info….

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